Best Pool Rack [2024 Review]

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Pool racks are a necessary pool accessory if you want to play the game right. They help align your pool balls correctly for a fair and correct game. If you’re planning to get a new one here are some of the contenders for the best pool rack you can get right now.  

Our Top Pool Rack Reviews

When we’re talking about pool racks, there are two types that you can get. They are the 8-ball triangle and 9-ball diamond rack. If you were to only pick one, we’d recommend getting the 8-ball triangle. 

8-ball triangle houses more pool balls and has better versatility because it can accommodate more pool games. Getting both is also an option and you should get it if provided with the option. 

CueSports Magic Ball Billiard Ball Rack

The CueSports Magic Ball Billiard Rack is one of the best overall options to have. It comes in a set of 8 ball rack and 9 ball rack. You can easily switch to a different rack when playing. 

This pool rack is made of thin and lightweight Grade-A plastic. It’s cut into diamond and triangle shapes to form the perfect rack of balls. 

The rack is extremely thin, however, don’t be fooled by it. It’s not your typical traditional wood rack. It keeps the pool balls in place consistently. You would want to store it safely just in case. The material is durable, however, it might break if you apply too much force. 

What makes this pool rack different from your traditional wooden rack is it protects your pool table from wearing out. Traditional wooden racks often leave white lines on the table after long use. 

The CueSports Magic Ball Billiard doesn’t do that. Mainly, because of its thin and lightweight construction that makes it possible. You can fit in 2 ¼-inch pool balls at most on this pool rack. Any more and it won’t fit inside the rack.  

This breaks the traditional pool rack design and most people like it. You also get 2 different racks in a set. 

Product Highlights

  • Made with high-quality plastic
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Gives you an extra tight rack better than most traditional triangle racks

GSE Games & Sports Expert Mahogany Billiard Rack

In terms of getting worth the price you pay, you should get the GSE Games & Sports Expert Mahogany Billiard Rack. This pool rack is made from solid wood with a mahogany finish. 

You have three options for getting this pool rack. You can either get it as a set of 8-ball triangle and 9-ball diamond racks, a single 8-ball triangle rack, or a 9-ball diamond rack. 

They’re not exactly as lightweight as the CueSports Magic Ball Pool Rack. However, they are much lighter than most wooden pool racks. 

Themahogany finish makes this pool rack look classy and matches most pool table designs. 

You will love how smooth and lightweight this pool rack is. It can hold the balls firmly creating a tight rack for a fair break. 

It also doesn’t leave any marks on your pool table thanks to its smooth surface finish. This seems to be a common problem for traditional wooden pool racks. 

This is one solid pool rack that’s worth the price. Themahogany finish makes this pool rack look premium and it isn’t like your ordinary wooden pool rack because of its lightweight build and smooth surface. 

Overall, you won’t find similar qualities of this pool rack at the same price point. It’s a solid option if you just want a pool rack that works great. 

Product Highlights

  • Good quality and durability
  • The makes it look premium
  • Lightweight yet solid build

MoyanSuper Solid Wood Pool Ball Rack

If you want an affordable pool rack, then the best pool rack option for you would be the MoyanSuper Solid Wood Pool Ball Rack.

This pool rack is made out of solid pinewood. The pinewood is solid and durable which will last you for a long time. The wood also has a smooth finish for a clean look. It’s not as premium as theGSE Games & Sports Expert Mahogany Billiard Rack which you would expect from an inexpensive pool rack. 

This pool rack can hold the standard 2 ¼ inch pool balls. The racking feels tight for standard-sized pool balls. The reinforced hardwood contains round edges. It allows you to slide the rack easily without wearing or tearing the pool table. 

Because it’s low-priced, don’t expect its quality to be on par with the likes of a CueSports Magic Ball Rack orGSE Games & Sports Expert Mahogany Billiard Rack. However, if you compare it to pool racks of the same price point, it’s a far better option. As long as you take good care of it, this pool rack can last for a long time. Although the finish might fade sooner than you hope. 

There’s not much wooden pool rack in its price range. Most use plastic materials. This makes theMoyanSuper Solid Wood Pool Ball Rack a steal and the best choice for the best affordable pool rack. 

Product Highlights

  • Uses solid pinewood
  • Package contains 12 Pcs Chalk Cubes
  • Triangle design for more game options

Features to Consider for Pool Rack

When it comes to pool rack, you should center your focus on how it will affect breaking in the game. The best pool rack helps to break smoothly and consistently. These are some features that you should consider before you make the choice. 


Pool racks mostly use 3 materials for their assembly. These are metal, wood, and plastic. Each of them brings different things to your pool rack. You should also consider how it will affect the pool table. 

Cue balls on a pool rack


Metal pool racks are generally the expensive option. They cost more to make and deliver. However, we wouldn’t recommend you get a metal pool rack.

Metal pool racks usually are too heavy and overbearing to your pool table surface. It can cause wear and tear on your pool table cloth if you’re not careful using it.


Wood is probably the best material you can pick. It’s the classic material that most pool racks are made from. Wooden racks are mostly preferred because they are lightweight and durable. 

Personally, we also recommend getting a wooden rack like the GSE Games & Sports Expert Mahogany Billiard Rack. The two tone solid wood finish is great and it has great durability.

TheMoyanSuper Solid Wood Pool Ball Rackden 8 Ball Rack isn’t also that bad. In fact, its round edges help a lot for a smooth gliding when rolling the rack on the pool table. 


Most plastic pool racks use cheap and low-quality material. Lightweight plastic materials are usually less sturdy. However, they also don’t cause wear and tear on your pool table’s surface. They’re as effective as your regular pool rack and at an affordable price. 

However, there are certain exceptions like the CueSports Magic Ball Billiard Ball Rack. It uses grade-A plastic. Although it’s not as durable as a wooden rack. It makes up for it with its easy setup and lightweight properties. 

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your pool rack are extremely important. You just want the right size for the pool balls to fit right in. 

Too small and your pool rack is useless since the balls won’t fit in. Too big and you will have a hard time keeping the rack in a tight formation.  

It’s important you leave a small gap underneath the edges of the pool rack when forming the balls. This is to make space for your fingers. Your fingers as a stop-gap and to easily remove the rack from the pool balls without disrupting its formation. 

Another thing to consider is the edges. Make sure the edges of your pool rack is rounded or circular. Flat edges won’t glide smoothly compared to rounded edges. A smooth glide reduces the chances of wear and tear on your pool table. 


The racking of your pool rack should always be consistent. It ensures both you and your opponent have the same and balance rack every game. The rack should be as tight as possible without any gaps. 

Person putting the cue balls in a pool rack

In some cases, you always get displaced balls every time you remove the pool rack from the balls. If you play under official rules, you should know that you can’t rerack or touch the balls once the rack is removed. 

The best pool rack that will stay consistent would be the CueSports Magic Ball Billiard Ball Rack. Its design helps reduce the chances of displacement when you remove the pool rack. 

Hence, why plastic pool racks are a great alternative since they are placed flat on the table and eliminate loose racks. 


Pool racks come in different designs. You have a variety of options to choose from to suit your preference. The most important thing to consider is the dimensions and size of the pool rack. 

Decide if you want to get an 8-ball triangle or 9-ball diamond. You can also get both if you want. If you don’t want to spend the extra dollar, We recommend getting the 8-ball triangle as you can also fit a 9-ball rack there. 

You also consider the size of your pool balls and check whether they fit perfectly for the pool rack you have in mind. 


Pool racks play an important part at the start of a pool game which is the break. That’s why it’s essential you have the best pool rack in your game. We hope this list narrowed down your choices for the pool rack of your choice.