Best Pool Table Cover [2024 Review]

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If you own a pool table at home, you may have encountered problems with it collecting dust. That’s why you should start covering it with a pool table cover. Pool table covers help protect your pool table. Here are some of the best pool table covers to get right now. 

Our Top Pool Table Cover Reviews

Pool table covers not only protect your pool table from dust. They also protect your table in other ways like hiding it away from toddlers to prevent them from scratching it. They also keep the shiny finish fresh and the color natural. 

Pool table covers help reduce the cleaning time of your pool table a lot. That’s why you should get one for your pool table.

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Pool Table Cover

If you want to get the best quality pool table cover out there, then the Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Pool Table Cover is the one for you. Aside from it being a pool table cover, you also get to show support to your NFL team. However, don’t let it think that it’s just a simple pool table cover.

What really separates the Imperial Pool Table Cover is the material used in it. It’s one of the best materials you can use for a pool table.

This pool table is extremely durable because the fabric is made with Naugahyde construction. It protects the pool table from spills, dirt, sun, and other harmful elements while lasting many years of use. 

This pool table can cover most 8-foot pool tables yet can’t be used for 9-foot pool tables. It also has a fitted style so it covers your pool table securely. 

Unfortunately, the fabric wrinkles easily, and if you like your pool table cover looking neat and clean, you might find this a problem. Trying to remove the wrinkles of a large pool table can be a time-consuming task. 

Overall, you’re getting this pool table for its amazing material quality. 

Product Highlights

  • Made of durable Naugahyde
  • Fitted style pool cover
  • NFL team logo on the middle of the cover

GSE Games & Sports Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Cover

If you want something that’s worth the price, then the GSE Games & Sports Heavy Duty Leatherette Pool Table Cover is something you should consider getting. 

Most consumer complains about pool tables wrinkling and creasing after being folded a few times. This heavy-duty pool table cover is one of the best you can have if you don’t want to form wrinkles on your pool table cover. 

This table cover consists of a heavy-duty leatherette that is wrinkle-free. It protects your pool table from dust spills and helps it keep away from your pets and children. 

This pool table cover can fit most 9-foot tables. You also have the option of a pool table cover fit for a 7 feet, 8 feet, or 9 feet pool table with different color schemes. 

You also get weighted corners and machine sewed seams to add to its durability. It’s a fitted style so it completely protects the top playing surface and the side table aprons. 

While they claim that this pool table cover is wrinkle-free, there are times when you do get wrinkles especially if you let it stay folded for a long time. This isn’t surprising at all since most fabrics are like that. 

Overall, this pool table cover is one of the best in terms of durability and is worth the price you pay.

Product Highlights

  • Strong and durable heavy-duty leatherette
  • Sewing and finishing is high-quality
  • Weighted corners and fitted style for protection

EastPoint Sports Billiard Table Cover

The EastPoint Sports Billiard Table Cover is a great pool table cover to have if you’re looking for an affordable option. Since most people won’t spend too much on a pool table cover, low-priced models aren’t necessarily bad and they have their own features too.

The EastPoint Sports is made with a heavy-duty vinyl material. It’s a bit thin which you would expect from an affordable pool table cover. However, it does its job of protecting your pool table. 

Even with a thin and lightweight cover, it still feels durable. It also has weighted corners to fully cover your pool tables. 

This cover comfortably fits into any pool table between the length of 7 feet and 9 feet. It’s quite a good thing to have for an inexpensive pool table cover. You can even use this for other game tables like hover hockey and table tennis. 

For a low-priced pool table cover, it also has its downside. Although the cover is durable, it’s rather thin and it easily tears if you put enough force into it. You also get the usual wrinkles and creases given the material it uses. 

Product Highlights

  • Fits any pool table between 7 feet and 9 feet
  • Heavy-duty cover with weighted corners
  • Vinyl construction, lightweight and durable
  • Cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth

Iszy Billiards 9 Foot Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Cover

If you want a pool table cover specifically for a 9-foot pool table, then the Iszy Billiards 9 Foot Heavy Duty Fitted Leatherette Pool Table Cover is a great option. 

It’s made of heavy-duty vinyl which is quite durable. Although you will occasionally see creasing and wrinkles when folded. 

The cover has a soft cotton backing for added protection. It has a dimension of 127 inches in length x 77 inches in width. This measurement fits most 9-foot pool tables. 

It has a tight fit and covers mostly the playing surface of the pool table. For a 9-foot pool table cover, we expected the cover to at least reach a bit down the legs. However, it doesn’t matter that much and less with the comfort of removing it easily when you want to play. 

It has 3 color options which are amber, black, and green. We recommend going for black as the other color option looks old and dry. 

Folds appear on this pool table cover so expect to not get a truly flat surface. If you just want your pool table cover for protection then you wouldn’t mind it that much. 

Overall, you can’t compare this to the other options above. However, for an affordable pool table cover, this pool table cover gets the job done.

Product Highlights

  • Made with heavy-duty vinyl
  • Cotton backing for extra protection
  • Fitted corners for a secure fit

Gemitto Pool Table Cover

If you have your pool table outdoors or want it safe from water, then getting a waterproof pool table cover should keep your pool table safe. The Gemitto Pool Table Cover is coated with silver waterproof material on the lining. 

While it’s not entirely waterproof when subjected to too much water, it’s great for outdoor protection. It has a drawstring design to make sure the pool table cover can firmly cover the pool table. It also keeps the pool table cover locked tight so the wind won’t blow the cover off. 

This pool table cover is made of high-density 420D polyester fabric. It’s more durable than most of your mid-range pool table cover. It’s also heavy-duty and can last you a long time with proper use and care. 

It fits most pool tables with a length between 7 feet to 9 feet. It perfectly works to prevent dust from gathering on the top of the pool table and even under it. It also does a great job of preventing water from seeping in. 

Other than the pool table cover claiming to be waterproof instead of being water-resistant, we got no complaints. Overall, it’s a great waterproof pool table cover that you can also use outdoors. 

Product Highlights

  • Drawstring design to protect it from wind
  • Made with high-density 420D polyester fabric

Features to Consider for Pool Table Cover

While it may not seem like it, there are different features that you can find or look for in a pool table cover. People have different needs for a pool table cover. We will show you what features pool tables usually have to shorten your list of options. 

Pool cues on top of a pool table


The material used for a pool table cover is one of the most important features to consider when choosing one. If you get a pool table with the wrong material, you may end up with a mediocre pool table cover. 

If you need a pool table cover to protect your pool table from rain, then you need a water-resistant material. Here are some of the commonly used materials for a pool table cover.


Leatherette is most commonly used for pool table covers and it’s also one of the best. Leatherette is a fake leather which is often called pleather. 

This material is strong, durable, and sometimes have waterproof properties. If you want an all-around pool table protection, then look for this material in your pool table cover. 


Naugahyde is also a fake leather. It’s actually the original fake leather and is now another category of its own.

This material is closely similar to leatherette. However, it tends to be more durable and stronger than leatherette. It also provides all-around protection for your pool table. Naugahyde is also the material used by the Imperial pool table cover.


Polyester is another alternative that offers less durability compared to leatherette and Naugahyde. Unlike the two, polyester is a piece of fabric rather than a hide. It won’t have waterproof properties like leatherette or Naugahyde. Instead, you get water-resistant properties. 

They also are cheaper compared to their leather hide counterparts. If your main concern is only for dust and indoor hazards, you might want to consider polyester. It should be fairly durable and should last you a long time with proper care. 


Nylon is a form of plastic and can also be used as a material for pool table covers. They’re typically a lot thinner and less durable. It will only give you limited protection mostly against dust. 

We wouldn’t recommend you get a pool table cover made from this material. However, if you’re looking for a cheap one then it should be fine. Just don’t expect it to be the same as the other materials above. 


Plastic is the best option for getting the cheapest pool table cover. It’s pretty much the same as the plastic covers you use on a dining table. They easily rip apart and aren’t completely waterproof. 

You will be better off getting a Nylon-made pool cover than a plastic one. However, if you really want to save money, then a plastic pool table cover is a decent option. 


Pool table covers come in different sizes just like pool tables. Pool table covers usually come in 7, 8, and 9 feet pool table sizes. You can find 6 feet pool table covers, however, they’re usually rare. 

Your best option would be getting a 7 feet pool table cover and let it sag around the edges because it won’t fit snugly. Most pool tables are usually 7 and 9 feet and there are a lot of options to choose from them. 

Pool table without a pool table cover


The design of the pool table cover can also affect the fit. Look for weighted pockets or a fitted or drawstring seam.

Weighted pockets cause the pool table cover to fall into place without riding up or looking unkempt. It’s no surprise that the best overall pool table cover, the Imperial pool table cover has weighted pockets. 

Fitted or drawstring seams keep the wind from lifting the pool table cover off the pool table. You also get a tighter and secure fit for your pool table cover. 

An ideal pool table cover would be having these two design features. However, if you don’t have enough budget, then consider what design feature you want to prioritize more. 

Also, consider reinforced seams if you want durability. Look for a pool table cover with double-stitched seams. It reinforces corners to ensure the pool table cover doesn’t rip apart from the edges. 

Color Options

This is more for your personal preference and doesn’t concern the effectiveness of a pool table cover. Most pool table covers come in either black or brown color. 

There are pool table covers that offer a variety of color options like Iszy Billiard pool table cover and GSE Games & Sports Leatherette Pool Table Cover. You wouldn’t want the color of your pool table cover to be the priority. 

If in doubt, always go for black as it’s a neutral color. It also fits in almost any theme of your pool room. 

Indoor vs Outdoor

Pool is usually played indoors. However, there are some homes that have their pool tables outside. Taking it outdoors is more of a preference of wanting to enjoy the sun and outdoors without feeling crowded inside a room. 

Pool tables lined up

Indoor and outdoor pool tables have different priorities. For indoor pool tables, you won’t mind not having waterproof properties. What’s important is protecting it from dust and keeping it away from the children. 

For the outdoors, there are a lot of things that you need to keep your pool table away from. You would want the best pool table cover out there that has all-around protection like the Imperial pool table cover. 

You need it to be waterproof to protect the pool table from the rain. It also needs to be durable in case animals try to play with it. You also have the wind to worry about so a drawstring design should be necessary. 


You also need to consider your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. The most expensive pool table covers out there usually use Naugahyde or Leatherette. 

Mid-range pool table covers have a large gap between the expensive ones. They sometimes use Leatherette and Polyester material. 

The cheapest ones are usually made with Nylon or Plastic. We recommend getting at least a leatherette made pool table cover. Especially if you own an expensive pool table.


While pool table covers may seem trivial, they actually help a lot in protecting your pool table from damage and decay. Getting one is a good idea and will help you in the long run. This list will make your options a lot easier.