Best Sneaky Pete Pool Cue [2024 Review]

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If you want to play mind games with your opponent, then using a Sneaky Pete pool cue is a great way to do it. Why? Because Sneaky Pete pool cues look basic making your opponents think you’re an amateur. These are some of the best Sneaky Pete Pool Cues you can have. 

Our Top Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Reviews

Sneaky Pete pool cues are more prevalent in pool hustling. While a Sneaky Pete pool cue usually looks traditional, it packs quite a lot of features to take your opponents by surprise. We have reviewed a wide range of Sneaky Pete pool cues to make sure you can find one that’s right for you.  

LUCASI LZ2000SP Custom Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

Lucasi is a well-known brand for making customized pool cues. One of their best Sneaky Pete pool cues is the LUCASI LZ2000SP Custom Sneaky Pete Pool Cue Stick. 

While this Sneaky Pete pool cue looks like an ordinary pool cue, it has a lot of features. For starters, this pool cue has a sleek wrapless handle that’s great for a smooth feel and uninterrupted stroke. Moreover, the wood to wood joint with Uni-loc pin gives you a soft hit and quick break down. 

The Sneaky Pete pool cue has a low deflection shaft great for improving your English. The Solid Core Low Deflection Shaft measures 12.75mm and comes topped with an Everest tip by Tiger. 

This Everest tip by Tiger holds its shape like a hard tip with premium layered leather. It hits like a medium and gives you cue ball control on the soft tip. 

The quick lock joint is great and smooth. It has very little vibration and deflection thanks to its low deflection shaft.

The design has a hint of iridescent shine is found at the base of each point in the form of the precisely cut mother of pearl inlays. The entire cue is coated with a super high-gloss UV finish to keep your cue looking good as new for years to come. It also has an adjustable weight so you can add or remove weight to suit your comfort. 

What we really like about this sneaky Pete pool cue is you won’t have to put more effort into applying English to the cue ball. You can have great cue ball control with minimal effort. 

Rage Heavy Hitter Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

The Rage Heavy Hitter Sneaky Pete Pool Cue gives you the best value for your buck. It’s great for both beginners and experienced players alike. It consists of 100% maple so you can expect this pool cue to be durable. 

This sneaky Pete pool cue weighs 25 ounces. Hence, the name Heavy Hitter. It’s great for breaking and if you want more power in your shots. The average pool cue weighs around 17 to 21 ounces. 

It’s also great as your regular pool cue if you know how to handle heavier cues. Heavier doesn’t really translate to an advantage. However, you will have a slight edge in terms of power in your shots.  

Although most pool players may subject this pool cue to breaking, it’s still solid and won’t likely get some cracks or chips. 

The tip of this Sneaky Pete pool cue feels reliable. It consists of durable leather that’s great for cue ball feel and adding power. It shouldn’t be a problem if you use it a lot for breaking. 

This sneaky Pete pool cue also features a wood-to-wood joint collar. This makes the pool cue appear basic. You can lull your opponents into a false sense of security and outhustle them. 

Overall, if you want to get the most out of your purchase, the Rage Heavy Hitter Sneaky Pete pool cue is an excellent choice. It has great durability and it’s great for breaking and adding power to your shots.  

Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

Because of its affordable price, the Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock Pool Cue is a great entry-level Sneaky Pete pool cue for beginners who want to start using these pool cues without breaking the bank. 

This sneaky Pete pool cue consists of North American hard-rock maple. It really feels durable and sturdy despite its price. The medium type tip provides a great feel and control and it’s great for any type of shot you take. 

The quality of this pool cue is pretty impressive, especially for the price. The feel of the cue is smooth and the wood and design look decent. There are also no chips or dents which you can easily see in lower-end sneaky Pete pool cues after using 2 to 4 times.   

The pool cue isn’t easily warped and the straightness is consistent. Although you may expect warped areas after a few years of use. The joint is tight and straight so you won’t experience any wobble. 

This pool cue looks so ordinary that most pool hustlers won’t bother checking it. Despite its ordinary look, it has impressive features and at a low price too. Although the diameter of the shaft could be better, it feels a bit off especially if you’re used to larger diameter shafts. 

If you want to, you can change the shaft to something you’re comfortable with. Overall, this sneaky Pete pool cue is your best option if you want to save more.  

Viper Sneaky Pete Pool Cue 

If you want easy transportation when you travel from different pool halls, you should consider getting a 2-piece sneaky Pete pool cue. One of the best 2-piece sneaky Pete pool cues you can get is the Viper Sneaky Pete Pool Cue.

It consists of quality hard Canadian maple wood and Zebrawoods. It looks sleek for a sneaky Pete pool cue. It’s finished off with 9 coats of varnish to prevent warpage. The wood feels durable and it rolls straight in the pool table. 

If you are into pool hustling, then you should know that pool hustlers are always on the move. You may end up visiting 2 to 3 pool halls in a day. The 2-piece design allows you to easily store it and transport it inside a small compartment in your suitcase or any bag.  

It has lightweight wood-to-wood joints with a brass insert. This helps provide you with a cue ball feel and feedback every time you hit the cue ball. It also makes the pool cue appear too basic. 

This pool cue is finished off with a Le Pro leather tip. It gives you a solid grip on the ball and also improves control. It also has a Pro Taper which adds a comfortable feel to your stroke. 

Overall, The Viper Sneaky Pete Pool Cue has everything you want for a 2-piece sneaky Pete pool cue with its low price, portability, and excellent features. 

Players S-PSPR Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

The Player S-PSPR Sneaky Pete Pool Cue hovers around the same price range as the Rage Heavy Hitter. However, this pool cue offers a more classic and traditional look. This pool cue is also a lot lighter than the Rage Heavy Hitter. 

This pool cue also has a wood-to-wood joint which adds to a soft feel. Although it may look plain and classic, it has great cue ball control. The lighter weight allows you to apply better English.

It comes with a sleek wrapless handle and a 13 mm LePro leather tip. The handle feels smooth to the touch. However, you might want to add a wrap for better grip. 

This pool cue consists of from Grade A North American Hard Rock Maple. It turned and dried 7 times during curing. The pool cue feels durable enough. It also doesn’t warp easily because of the added Nelsonite coating. 

The finish on this sneaky Pete pool cue is something else. The smooth long tapered shaft is easy to clean thanks to its impressive finish. 

What we like about this sneaky Pete pool cue is how low the price is despite its very smooth finish and comfortable playability. You can compare this to some of the more expensive ones and there won’t be much of a difference. 

Other than a couple of darker grain rings on one side of the shaft, this sneaky Pete pool cue is the best one if you’re looking for a classic look. 

Viking Valhalla 200 Series Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

Viking pool cues have been around the business of pool cue making since the 1960s. We’re confident saying they know their way around pool cues. The Viking Valhalla 200 Series is probably great for you as a beginner and it offers a lot of design.

This pool cue contains a Hard Rock Maple Taper shaft that helps with improving your English game. Along with the shaft is a high impact resin ferrule. It absorbs impact well and feels really durable. It doesn’t crack or chip easily.

The 13mm premium leather tip is already scuffed and shaped. It feels smooth to the stroke. The cue ball feel is decent and you get a sense of consistency for every shot you take. That’s pretty impressive considering this sneaky Pete pool cue is in the low price range. 

The design of this pool cue is great. You can pick up to 12 designs that feature various colorways and contrast. Personally, we like the red colorway accented with black smudges. It doesn’t stand out too much and still feels sleek. 

It’s great for a distinct look and you don’t want it to be too flashy. The wood looks decent and not premium, perfect for a sneaky Pete pool cue to disguise its features. 

The wood is finished with ultra-violet urethane that protects it from scratches and chipping. Overall, it’s a great sneaky Pete pool cue for aesthetics and design. It’s not too flashy so it still works as a sneaky Pete pool cue. 

Features to Consider for Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

Sneaky Pete pool cues are all about design and features. You want the pool cue to look plain and simple so pool hustlers won’t notice anything great about your pool cue. Most pool hustlers gauge your skill level by looking at your pool cue. 

A plain-looking pool cue might cause your opponent to underestimate you and sometimes lure them to betting big. Sneaky Pete pool cues are designed this way. 

Person hitting cue ball with cue stick


Since sneaky Pete pool cues are designed to look normal, most manufacturers use wood to make them. Most manufacturers use maple wood since it’s really durable and doesn’t cost too much. 

Maple wood offers great durability and a smooth game while not completely making the pool cue expensive and flashy. If you have another option aside from maple, make sure they are durable and doesn’t chip or scratch easily. 

There are some sneaky Pete pool cues of other wood or materials. However, we really like the feel and durability of maple wood. It just fits right for a sneaky Pete pool cue.


Since sneaky Pete pool cue is all about how it looks, you should also consider its design. 

A really great sneaky Pete pool cue will appear basic, plain, and simple while secretly packing some really great features. There are things that can make your sneaky Pete pool cue look basic:

  • Wood-to-wood joint: this feature makes premium sneaky Pete pool cues look like your average normal pool cue. However, it also adds to the cue ball feel.
  • Absence of a wrap: most expensive and quality pool cues usually come with wraps. A pool cue with no wrap makes it look average and plain. 
  • Wood-grain finish: most high-quality pool cues have flashy designs and excellent finish. A great sneaky Pete pool cue has a wood-grain finish to make it look low-end. 

The less flashy and fancy your sneaky Pete pool cue looks, the better. Just compare a sneaky Pete pool cue and a high-quality pool cue to know how you want your sneaky Pete pool cue to look like. 


The ferrule is the little white piece just below the tip at the top of your shaft. The ferrule acts as a shock absorber and enhances your control over the pool cue and cue ball. 

An excellent ferrule evenly distributes the flow of energy throughout your pool cue. A chip or fractured ferrule usually results in an unusable pool cue. Therefore, look for a sneaky Pete pool cue that has a durable ferrule.   

Most pool cues today use either linen fiber, Ivorine III, or Aegis ferrules. Sneaky Pete pool cues oftentimes use low-end ferrule so you should be wary of this. Make sure you check what material is used on the ferrule.  

Width Tip

The width tip affects how your ferrule works. You can say they go with each other and can’t work without the other. Check the shape of the tip. A great sneaky Pete pool cue must have a dome shape tip that perfectly matches it. 

The tip also needs to be attached perfectly to the ferrule to ensure it has a good finishing. If the width of the tip and ferrule doesn’t match, it might lead to a faulty pool cue. 

Even if you are making your sneaky Pete pool cue look low-end, you shouldn’t compromise on the compatibility of the width of your tip and ferrule. It affects your pool game after all. 

Tip Type

Tip type varies on its density. Pool cue tips have different densities depending on how they’re made. There are various benefits and downsides of different densities of the tip. 

Softer pool cue tips are more likely to mushroom or flatten with every hit of the cue ball. Therefore, they require more maintenance or replacements compared to harder and denser pool cue tips. 

Most pool players prefer using softer tips because it provides better English and cue ball control. Softer tips are also usually easier to scuff and have better chalk retention. 

Harder or denser tips require less or no maintenance at all. They can maintain their shape and don’t mushroom easily. You won’t be replacing your tips more often with a denser tip. 

There isn’t really much of which is the best. It’s over your preference. Softer tips provide you with better cue ball control and English. Denser tips aren’t that effective in said category. However, they will save you money since they are very durable. 


While you need your sneaky Pete pool cue to look plain and average, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. A great sneaky Pete pool cue is smooth to your touch even if it does look plain and simple. 

Simply rub your hand through the entire pool cue to check how smooth it is. If it feels rough to your touch then this will translate to your shots. You need to have a smooth pool cue to maintain consistency and accuracy in your shots. 

That’s why most pool cue makers use maple wood since it looks plain and average. However, it is smooth to the touch which makes it great for a sneaky Pete pool cue. 


There’s no best weight that you can have for a sneaky Pete pool cue. It’s all about preference. 

A light pool cue will give you a faster-moving cue ball and a slower moving object ball. A heavy pool cue will do the opposite. In short, light pool cues give you better cue ball control and heavy pool cues give you better-shot power. 

You can go to a pool hall or showroom and experiment with what feels best for you. Personally, we would go for a lighter pool cue for better cue ball control that will translate to the better positioning of the cue ball after a shot. 

Professional pool players bring different pool cues that have different weights to get the exact shot that they want. However, most of us will only use 1 pool cue so choose one that feels better for you throughout a whole game. 

Woman applying chalk to her cue stick


The deflection is pretty important for a sneaky Pete pool cue and for every other pool cue. 

Deflection is what happens when you strike the cue ball outside of the vertical axis so that you create a left or right spin. The best you can get for this feature is a Sneaky Pete pool cue with a low-deflection shaft.

These are things to look for in a low-deflection cue shaft:

  • Less weight at the end of the shaft: low deflection pool cues have thinner and lighter shafts. Heavy shafts have higher deflection so it works both ways. You may feel the shaft to be hollow or replaced with a lighter material to reduce the weight. 
  • Higher flexibility: low-deflection shafts are flexible. This allows for reduced vibration when you hit the cue ball. 
  • Consistent shaft structure: premium sneaky Pete pool cues don’t consist purely of wood. The density of the wood varies so you may get some inconsistencies. That’s why some pool cues have a mix of artificial materials like carbon fiber in them for consistency. 


Pool cues are usually tapered from the butt to the tip. There are two types of tapers, conical and pro. 

The conical taper is more restrained while a pool cue with pro taper will get narrow fast. We prefer using pro taper because the feel of the cue ball is more consistent when you pull the pool cue back. 

What is a Sneaky Pete Pool Cue?

Sneaky Pete pool cues are named after the actual design of the cue. They’re designed to look basic and poor in quality compared to a custom cue. 

The idea for this is for people to underestimate your abilities and they’ll be prone to be hustled. Nowadays, it isn’t used for that thing anymore. However, some people still do, especially in competitive pool areas. 

Otherwise, other people like sneaky Pete pool cues because of their traditional style and simplistic beauty. They are still popular among pool players today. 

Benefits of Using Sneaky Pete Pool Cues

Back in the day, a Sneaky Pete pool cue would give you a lot of benefits. You could have the advantage of using a pool cue that you are used to while your opponent doesn’t. 

You can also deceive unaware gamblers that you are a beginner because you are using a regular “house pool cue”. They will bet big on the opponent and you rake in big money. 

That was how pool games played back then. Honestly, the game is about skill. However, if you get to use a pool cue that you’ve been familiar with for a long time, you will get a slight advantage. 

Nowadays, most pool players can easily identify a Sneaky Pete pool cue, so the advantages you get from using it back then are nonexistent now. However, you do get some unaware pool players from time to time. 


These are the best sneaky Pete pool cues you can get right now. They all have a simple and average-looking design. However, they have the best quality and features despite how they look. Lure your opponents into a false pretense with a Sneaky Pete pool cue.