Best Pool Table Felt Cleaner [2024 Review]

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Pool table felt cleaners are often ignored because pool table owners usually only use pool table brushes. However, pool table felt cleaners also play an important role in maintaining your pool table felt. Here are some of the best pool table felt cleaners you can get. 

Our Top Pool Table Felt Cleaner

Pool table felt cleaners ensure your pool table is smooth and clean to play at. You want your games to be fair and balance and should not hinder your performance. 

It’s important you should always follow pool table felt cleaner instructions. You want it to clean and bring your pool table felt in good condition. We’ve compiled a list of the best pool table felt cleaner to narrow down your choices. 

Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool

If you want the best and most effective pool table felt cleaner, the Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool is on top of the list. It effectively cleans your pool table felt thanks to its static electricity and capillarity capabilities.

It can easily remove chalk and dust particles more effectively compared to traditional pool table brushes. The Simonis X-1 is an innovative product that improves pool table felt cleaning. 

This pool table cloth cleaning tool possesses a high absorption capacity and can easily retain the dust of half a chalk in its textile structure. Once it can no longer retain the chalk, you can easily release the dust absorbed. 

Unlike vacuum cleaners that can potentially damage your pool table felt, the Simonis X-1 smoothly cleans your pool table felt. It uses flexible and rapid back and forth movement with just the right pressure to not damage your pool table felt.

The Simonis X-1 is not your typical pool table felt cleaner. It’s a new innovation that breaks traditional pool table felt cleaner. This makes it one of the best in the market right now. 

The only downside we find in this product is that people find it too pricey. However, if we’re talking about efficiency and convenience then the Simonis x-1 is worth using.  

Product Highlights

  • Innovative pool table felt cleaner
  • Cleans without risk of damaging the cloth or rubber
  • Works by static electricity and capillary action

Cuestix Table Cleaning Quick Cleaner

If you want to save more, then go for the Cuestix Table Cleaning Quick Cleaner. It’s one of the most traditional pool table felt cleaners aside from pool table brushes, kits, and vacuum cleaners. 

It can clean the clean of your pool table in less than 60 seconds. Frequent brushing of your pool table may move chalk leftovers and clog the cloth fibers. When it clogs too much, you may end up with a damaged pool table felt. 

That is where Cuestix Table Cleaning Quick Cleaner comes in. it has exceptional cleaning spray-on formula. It effectively picks up dust and chalk particles out of the cloth with an easy wipe. 

Unlike other spray-on pool table felt cleaner, this works fast and effectively cleans your pool table felt without any damage. 

This Aerosol spray is even used by many major pool tournaments for cleaning their pool tables. It doesn’t dampen down or leave any stains on your pool table cloth. 

Another thing you need to take note of is that the Cuestix Table Cleaning Quick Cleaner can only be shipped via ground. Which means it may take longer than usual to arrive.

Product Highlights

  • Spray and let sit for 60 seconds for a quick clean
  • A simple wipe will clean your pool table surface
  • Easy to use

Game Room Guys Pool Table Felt Cloth Cleaner

If you want an affordable pool table felt cleaner, then the Game Room Guys Pool Table Felt Cloth Cleaner. It contains special formulas that smoothly eliminate any stains from the pool table felt. 

Despite being inexpensive, it doesn’t fade the felt or make it rough like other traditional table brush and liquid cleaners. This pool table felt cleaner is really easy to use. Simply spray the area you want to clean. Wait for a couple of minutes and then wipe and dry with a clean cloth. The stain comes off easily. 

Because of its affordable price, the Game Room Guys Pool Table Felt Cloth Cleaner is ideal for people who own pool halls. It’s low-priced yet has great effectiveness in cleaning. 

However, it can’t clean off chalk paste. Chalk paste is formed when chalk buildup in the felt is mixed with water. Don’t expect your pool table felt will look good as new after using this. Yes, it cleans off the dirt on your pool table felt, however, it doesn’t add shine to it. 

It will make your pool table much more playable compared to when it was full of dirt. The felt also feels much better on your hands.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Great for commercial use for its affordable price
  • A simple wipe will clean the dirt

Features to Consider for Pool Table Felt Cleaner

Even if it’s just a simple pool table felt cleaner, you also need to consider the features it contains. Here are some of the important ones you should take note of before buying a pool table felt cleaner. 

Table felt cleaner products

Cleaning Properties

Pool table felt cleaners come in different types. They commonly come in spray bottles, table brushes, cleaning towels, and some even use innovative technology. 

The most commonly used type is the table brushes. They’re effective at brushing off non-sticky residues. However, they can’t remove stains off of your pool table felt. 

For this, you will need spray bottles like the Cuestix Table Cleaning Quick Cleaner. Just spray it in the affected area and leave it for a minute or two. It will dissolve the stain and will be easily wiped off clean. 

If you want to make your cleaning fast and convenient, maybe using innovative technology will suit you. For example, the Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool uses static electricity that makes it convenient and quick in cleaning. It doesn’t even damage your pool table felt.   

However, they’re quite expensive. A lot of people complain about the prices of innovative pool table felt cleaners. It’s understandable since most people are used to cheap ones. However, the newer ones using technology are really effective and efficient. 


Another essential feature to check is how effective the pool table felt cleaner is at cleaning the pool table felt. It should be thorough and at the same time not damage your pool table felt. 

Some use a rough process that even though the pool table felt is clean, it will wear and tear over time. 

If we’re talking about effectiveness then the Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaning Tool easily takes the bag. It uses innovative technology that makes the cleaning smooth and efficient. 

Next to it would be bottle sprays or Aerosol sprays. They’re easy to apply and effectively removes dirt and stain on your pool table felt with a simple wipe. You only need to let it sit for a minute or two and it will soften up the stain. 


The price of pool table felt cleaner may vary depending on what type it is. The most expensive ones are those who use innovative technology like the Simonis X-1. If you don’t mind spending big to keep your pool table felt in top shape.

If you want the right balance between effectiveness and price, then an Aerosol spray might do you good. They’re usually not that expensive and they’re fast and effective in cleaning pool table felt. 

If you really wanna go cheap then a cleaning towel or a pool table brush will do you just fine. However, don’t expect them to thoroughly clean your pool table felt especially if it has stains. 

Cleaning Pool Table Felt

There are different ways for cleaning your pool table felt as mentioned before. You can either use:

  • Pool table brush
  • Vacuum 
  • Bottle spray for stains
  • Other innovations in pool table felt cleaning
Man sitting at a pool table

If you want the best possible result for cleaning, then combining these cleaning tools is more effective. 

For example, you start cleaning the felt with a Simonis X-1, it will remove all the dust and chalk buildup. After that, you can spray the felt for stains that may have stuck to the cloth that the Simonis X-1 can’t remove. 

Pool table brushes are also good for cleaning hard to reach areas like the pockets and corners. If you were to stick to only 1 cleaning tool, then prioritize cleaning your pool table felt. 

If you are willing to spend, then get every type of pool table felt cleaner. It will benefit you in the long run since it will prolong the lifespan of your felt. 

Pool table felts can be quite expensive. Therefore, it’s better if you won’t change it for a long time. 


These are the best pool table felt cleaner you can get. It’s clear that the best types of pool table felt cleaner are the ones using new technology and Aerosol spray. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you and what budget you’re planning on.