Action Pool Cues Review

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Action pool cues have been around for more than a decade. They’ve been used by many pool players around the world. Most pool players recognized it as an affordable but a good quality pool cue. Let’s take a look at Action pool cues. 

Action Pool Cues Review

Action pool cues are known for their low pricing while still producing quality cues at the same time. They are best known for their jump break cues. More and more people like to use this pool cue. We’ll find out why.

Action ACT152

If you want the best Action pool cue for your main play, then you better get the Action ACT152. This pool cue’s main highlight is the Walnut burl design with blue Epoxy resins on the sleeve. The forearm has long blue points and smaller blue points on the maple.

The Action ACT152 has a solid black Irish linen wrap to ensure the grip. Overall, this is the best non-break jump cue Action pool cue. Although it could have used a better ferrule. It’s understandable since this has decent pricing. A better ferrule would make it expensive. 


SleeveWalnut burl design, blue epoxy resin
WrapSolid black Irish linen
ShaftHardrock maple, pro taper, brass insert
Tip13mm Action layered tip
Ferrule1-inch fiber ferrule
Collar White collar, black with silver ring

Action Cues Break Heavy Chaos

We’ve only heard positive praise for the Action Cues Break Heavy Chaos. This break jump pool cue has all the things you want for breaking and jumping the cue ball. This pool cue is heavier than normal to add more power to your shots for breaking. 

The weight is impressive enough and you get a hard leather tip that protects the shaft from the force of your break. It also even has a wrap to make your grip firm for breaking. 


Weight25 oz, non-adjustable
Wrap Extended solid black nylon
Shaft Hard rock maple, pro taper, brass insert
Tip13mm Hard Leather

Action Cues Zebra Sneaky Pete Jump Break Cue

Sneaky Pete pool cues are used if you want opponents to take you lightly because your pool cue looks average. For that. You may want to use the Action Cues Zebra Sneaky Pete Jump Break Cue. 

Despite its appearance, this pool cue hits great. It will take your opponents by surprise. Only thing that holds it back is it has no wrap so you might not be able to grip it properly if you have sweaty hands. 


WrapNo Wrap
ShaftHard rock maple, pro taper, brass insert
TipOne-piece phenolic tip and ferrule 

Action Pool Cues  – Features and Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to like Action pool cues. If you need to add a jump break pool cue, you better think of Action pool cues first. Their normal pool cues are also great. Some of their jump break pool cues can even function as your main pool cue. 

Woman looking over her friend while she's aiming to hit a pool ball


  • Affordable but good quality pool cues so you can save more
  • A popular brand with people having positive feedback
  • Durable build quality can last for many years
  • An impressive choice for tip and ferrule built for durability


  • Limited options for low deflection shafts
  • Comes with a mediocre wrap or no wrap at all

Popular Break Cue Brand

As mentioned before, Action pool cues are known for their impressive jump break pool cues. Over 400,000 league pool players across the world use Action pool cues as their jump break pool cue. 

You might feel it’s only good for professionals when it’s not. Professionals like to use it because it’s simple to handle and straight to the point. In fact, Action pool cues, are great for beginners since their pool cues are extremely durable. 

If you’re looking to add a jump break pool cue for you to use, better pick the inexpensive but high quality Action pool cues. It’s the best pool cue you can have that is worth the price. 


Action pool cues don’t shy away from trying out different materials outside of Maple. Some of their pool cues use zebrawood, metal, walnut burl, and even cherrywood. 

Although the shaft still remains made of maple since it’s an essential part of your pool cue and needs to be durable. Aside from that, the sleeve and forearms use different materials. 

If you’re tired of the maple feel on your pool cue sticks, maybe you should try some unique Action pool cues. The only thing lacking with action pool cues is most of their pool cues don’t have a wrap. 

Person aiming a cue stick at a ball

Tip and Ferrule

Action pool cues use a variety of tips and ferrules. What stands out the best among them is the Black Phenolic Tip and Ferrule combination. It simply goes well with jump break pool cues for its enhanced durability. It also allows you to change the tip with ease. 

Other notable tips Action pool cues use are Lepro tip and Hard leather tip. Lepro tips are mostly used for main playing pool cues. Another tip they used for main playing pool cues is the 10-layer boar skin tip. It is also a good tip and feels consistent. 

Hard leather tip is also great for breaking. It distributes the force evenly on your pool cue so you will always have that consistent feel as you break. 


Most action pool cues don’t go over $150 which is pretty impressive. Action pool cues are one of the most solid and durable pool cues you can have. 

Because of their insanely low pricing, Action pool cues have built a reputation for producing excellent pool cues that are affordable. More and more people come to know Action pool cues and started using them. 

While there are also a lot of cheap pool cues that are great, Action pool cues made their identity known by specializing in jump break pool cues. There is probably no brand that can compete against Action pool cue’s jump break pool cue pricing and value. 


When it comes to performance, Action pool cues are among the best from all the pool cues priced under $150. It is even more exceptional when you used their jump break pool cues. It just feels different from your regular jump break pool cues. 

Two women standing side by side holding a pool cue

The overall feel of the handle as you hold it feels comfortable. Their pool cues also generally have consistent feedback and shot feel. While their main playing pool cues fare well with their competition. 

Personally, I would only get their jump break pool cues and look for other brands for my main playing cue. There are better options for them at the same price range. 


Action pool cues are one of the best pool cues to have in terms of durability. Rightfully so because their action pool cues are mostly jump break pool cues. Jump break pool cues are subjected to more force than normal that’s why they need to be durable. 

Action pool cues made sure that their pool cues will function for a long time by using quality tips and ferrule. Ferrule helps reduce the impact force from the tip and distribute it to the shaft. It protects the wood on the end of your shaft. 

Action pool cues use some of the best ferrules and tips. This also translates to their durability. If you want a durable pool cue, then get an Action pool cue. 


Action pool cues’ best features are their break jump pool cues. Getting an Action jump break pool cue will greatly increase the lifespan of your main playing pool cue. Overall, Action pool cues is a brand that built its reputation for making affordable jump break pool cues.