Meucci Pro Shaft Review

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If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Meucci Pro Shaft is a popular name around the billiard community. If you want a high-quality shaft with your pool cue, you better check out our Meucci Pro Shaft review. We’ll discuss some of the things that make this shaft so popular. 

Meucci Pro Shaft Review

Meucci Pro Shaft or more commonly called “the Pro” shaft is a high-performance shaft used by some of the best pool players in the world like Corey Deuel. It is a low deflection shaft with a thru to the tip, half-inch hydraulic ferrule. 


  • High-quality shaft with excellent performance
  • Used by professional pool players
  • Made by Meucci which is a popular and reliable brand
  • Durable build quality
  • Highly versatile shaft and can be used for any shots


  • Really expensive for a shaft
  • Takes time to adjust to the shaft
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Meucci Pro Shaft – Features and Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why you should start using a Meucci Pro Shaft. However, Meucci Pro Shaft is not for everyone. If you really love playing pool and spend a lot of time on it, then the Meucci Pro Shaft will do you a lot of services with the help of our Meucci Pro Shaft review.


This shaft is considered the best of the bunch. It hits extremely well and you get very responsive feedback from your shots. Pool players normally gauge the “feel” of the shot to determine if a pool cue is great. This shaft has a way better feel than its competition. 

Its direct competitors, Predator Vantage shaft, Mcdermott G-Core shaft, and Meucci’s Black Dot are slightly behind this. The feel of every shot is solid even with a lightweight pool cue. It produces less squirt and has more spin than the Meucci Black Dot. 

If you’ve been used to other shafts, it will take some time to get used to this. Especially when you’re drawing the cue ball. The shaft hits extremely silent which new players aren’t accustomed to. Expect to commit lesser miscues with this shaft.  


People often mistake the Meucci Pro Shaft for a low deflection shaft. In fact, it is not a low deflection shaft. “The Pro” shaft is an old-school solid maple shaft that you can use for breaking.

Some people often just play with one pool cue stick even for breaking and throughout the game. In the professional competition and in some tournaments, players usually have a specialized cue for breaking along with their main playing cue. 

If you have the money to buy a Meucci Pro Shaft, you probably also have the ability to buy a break pool cue. We would recommend you do so. While it’s okay to use the Meucci shaft for breaking, you’re also risking shortening its usage life. 


The Meucci Pro Shaft is made with North American maple. The wood isn’t hollow and feels solid. People often mistake it for a low deflection shaft because of this. The shaft will last you for many years with proper use. 

Many people still argue that the Meucci Pro Shaft is hollow and has a low deflection shaft. Nevertheless, it still holds true that this shaft is one of the best when it comes to long-term use. 


This shaft contains a 14-inch Pro Taper with an Ultra Skin Medium tip measured at 12.5 millimeters. Do take note that the shaft construction may be different from built-in Pro shafts in Meucci pool cues. 

It complements really well with the shaft. This also amazes some pool players since it feels like a low deflection with a tip and taper like that. 

Meucci MEJS01 Pool Cue Stick 

The Meucci MEJS01 Pool Cue Stick is a high-performance pool cue created partly by Pro Pool player, Jayson Shaw along with Bob Meucci. It is adorned with a grey stained cue with green, black and maple spliced points along the forearm area.

The shaft is made of a special build 29-inch “The Pro” Shaft using solid maple. It pretty much works the same as the regular “The Pro” shaft. 

The tip is a 12.5 mm Ultra Skin Medium and works well with the shaft. Although we would have preferred it to come with a Navigator Black M tip. Still, you can change the tip if it wears out. 

It uses Irish linen wrap designed with lacquered black and green speck. The grip it provides is excellent which is to be expected from an Irish linen wrap. It will grip consistently even with sweaty hands. 

The pool cue is weight adjustable from 18 oz. to 21 oz. using the Meucci Weight Bolt. You can adjust the weight easily if you feel uncomfortable with the weight. 

Overall, one of the best classy designed pool cues with a Meucci Pro Shaft. It’s even tailored by the famous pro pool player, Jayson Shaw.


The Meucci Pro Shaft is undoubtedly one of the best shafts you can add to your pool cue. If you’re looking to upgrade your shaft, then the Meucci Pro Shaft is the best choice. Although a bit expensive, it will make drastic changes to your performance on the pool table.