How to Identify Aramith Pool Balls

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When you hear Aramith, most pool players will identify it as the best billiards ball in the world. Aramith has built up their reputation and has maintained their quality throughout the years. If you are planning to get a set you should know how to identify Aramith pool balls.

How to Identify Aramith Pool Balls

There are a number of ways you can identify Aramith pool balls. If you’re looking to save some money by buying secondhand, you might have a harder time.

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The best way to ensure that the Aramith pool balls are genuine is by buying it through reputable billiard shops like Pooldawg and Ozone Billiards. If not, these are some of the ways you can identify genuine Aramith pool balls.

Inspect Exterior

Aramith balls have some unique visual features that can help you identify them. Aramith pool balls wear down a lot slower than other pool balls. Therefore, if someone who claims is selling Aramith with no more than a year of use and has some scratches, it isn’t an Aramith.

Aramith balls last for a very long time while still looking new. It will take years for it to show signs of wear and tear. Hence, if someone claims to sell slightly used Aramith balls ask them how many years they own it and check for scratches or fading.

Container Box

Some scammers resort to using the boxes that Aramith uses for their pool balls. They take out the original Aramith pool balls and replace them with cheaper ones. Hence, don’t be deceived by packaging alone, you need to inspect what’s inside.

If someone tries to sell you a set of Aramith balls with a different box, ask them if it’s the original box. Ask them for a receipt and check out the model if it has the same box as what he is trying to sell you.

Aramith billiard balls on the pool table

Manufacturing Location

Aramith pool balls are the only pool balls that are manufactured in Belgium. If someone sells you “Aramith” pool balls and claims it manufacture from another country, then it is not original.

There are a lot of fake brands sprouting up and cunningly imitating genuine Aramith pool balls. Some manufacturers use deceptive ways to make it seem like what they’re selling are genuine Aramith pool balls.

That’s why you need to check the country of origin or where it’s manufactured. Only Aramith pool balls are manufactured in Belgium. If they lied about it under platforms like Amazon, you can report them.

Check the Five, Six, and Nine Balls

Another visual way to identify genuine Aramith pool balls are checking the five, six, and nine balls. However, this is not an accurate way to do it. It’s best to do this method with a combination of other identification methods.

For Aramith pool balls, the bottom swoop of the number 5 almost touches the straight line that makes it look like a weird number 6. However, not all Aramith balls build like this.

This also applies to straight or curly lines under the 9 and 6 numbers. However, not all Aramith balls follow this pattern. These are only for specific Aramith pool ball models.

Hence, it’s best to do this originality test with other types of test as well.


As mentioned earlier, Aramith pool balls take a long time to wear down. The main reason for this is the material used. Aramith pool balls use pure phenolic resin which is a very durable material for a pool ball.

Cheaper pool balls are generally made of polyester and wear down fast. They can also affect your felt and wear it down fast too. If buying online, make sure to check what material uses and check on the comments of the product page what other people say about it.

Aramith balls also do not generate static electricity. You can test pool balls for static electricity using some simple materials. Static electricity attracts dust and other particles that can potentially affect the pool ball’s movement in the long run.

Close-up show of Aramith billiard balls

Product Model

Another way to identify genuine Aramith pool balls is by checking what product line they belong to. The seller should know what product line it is. Each Aramith product line has their own unique features so you can tell which is which.

Therefore, you can go over Aramith’s website and compare their photos of the product line to the seller’s photos to see how similar they are.

Here are some of the popular Aramith products line on the market:

  • Aramith Premium
  • Aramith Tournament
  • Aramith Premier
  • Aramith Crown Standard
  • Super Aramith Pro
  • Aramith Black
  • Aramith Camouflage
  • Aramith Stone

Check Within Internet Billiard Forums

Another way to determine the authenticity of “Aramith pool balls” is with the help of other people. There are various pool and billiards forums on the internet that are happy to help you. Billiard forums are usually friendly and welcoming.

There are a lot of knowledgeable people in billiards forums and some retailers are even in it. You might get a better deal from them rather than buying from a questionable seller.

Consult With Your Local Billiard Store

There is always that one person who you can go to when you are in doubt about billiard-related matters. They usually can find in your local pool store.

If you’re not a sociable person and don’t know anyone in your local neighborhood, you can always contact Aramith. You can ask Aramith about the authenticity of the product. You can send them an email with pictures and information about the pool balls.

Aramith may or may not respond to you. However, it is your best bet to get the answer straight from the manufacturer itself.

Why Aramith Pool Balls Are Popular

Aramith pool balls majorly use all around the world. In fact, they dominate the pool ball market. Here are some reasons why people prefer using them compared to other pool ball brands.

  • Performance – Aramith pool balls are consistent when it comes to performance. Their movements are unaffected as long as you have your pool ball and pool table well-maintained.
  • Durability – Aramith uses phenolic resin and can last for a long time. That is why people often recommend getting Aramith pool balls instead of cheap ones since they can be useful for years.
  • Worldwide Reputation – Aramith pool balls use in popular and prestigious competitions such as US Open Pool and WCBS.


Aramith pool balls are clearly the best pool ball set you can get. Hence, it is important that you know how to distinguish between fake and real. By following the methods above, you can make sure your Aramith pool balls are genuine and will last for years.