Players Pool Cue Review

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Players is a name that you often hear in local pool halls. They make some of the best value pool cues out there. Let’s take a look at Players Pool Cue and see what they have to offer. 

Players Pool Cue Review

Players Pool Cues make some of the finest value pool cues you can ever have. A lot of pool players stand by it too. Some even claim that they resold their used Players pool cues for more than the original price.

Players HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue and Pure X HXTE2

The Players HXT pool cue series is the best one you can get from the Players brand. We would recommend the Players HXT15 two-piece pool cue and the Pure X HXTE2 if you want a low deflection shaft. 

The HXT15 comes with a Kamui Soft Black Tip for better spin action and added durability to your pool cue. This pool cue is made with North American hard-rock maple with a traditional black and white diamond style. The HXT15 combines beauty and performance thanks to its HXT low-deflection ferrule. 

If you want the same performance on a different design, the Pure X HXTE2 provides a unique and exotic look. Unlike the black and white colorway of the HXT15, the Pure X HXTE2 went for a woody and brown appearance with some turquoise accent.

Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple Cue

If you want a sleek and classy-looking pool cue, the Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple Cue is for you. It looks closely similar to the HXT15 with a noticeable difference. The Birds-Eye is adorned with triple silver rings that really shine because of the black and brown style. 

This one is also a two-piece cue with a stainless steel joint collar for a better solid hit feel and durability. The Birds-Eye doesn’t come with a Kamui tip and instead uses a Le Pro Tip which is great for holding its shape longer. 

Much like all Players pool cues, this one also comes with an Irish linen wrap to provide a better grip even when your hands are sweating. 

Players D-JS Pool Cue

The Players D-JS Pool Cue is the best-looking unique design we’ve seen so far from Players. It is designed with a wicked pool playing jester and dripping card suits on the cue’s forearm. 

Although it still looks simple since Players don’t seem to be aggressive on their design and focus more on improving performance. 

The Players D-JS pool cue performs similarly to the Classic Birds-Eye Maple Cue only with added intricate designs for an added cost. 

Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks

If you want to buy a set for your family at home or for friends when they come over, the Players Set of 1 Piece Pool Cue Sticks is an affordable and optimal option. You get 4 pool cues in all with different weights of 18 oz, 19 oz, 20 oz, and 21 oz. 

They all have the same length of 58 inches and uses premium Elk Master tip. Although not as good as the Le Pro tip or Kamui tip, it performs solidly for an inexpensive pool cue set and is durable enough for long use. 

Other features are decent and the design is simple to reduce cost and make this as inexpensive as possible. 

What is Players Pool Cue?

Players Pool Cue has been making pool cues for the pool community for over 27 years. They make some of the innovative pool cues out there that are worth the price. 

Players Pool Cue makes a wide range of pool cues from regular playing cues to low deflection technology cues. There’s a lot of option for you to choose from. 

Person arranging the balls in a pool rack


  • Wide range selection of pool cues
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quality pool cues use high impact ferrule
  • Design looks elegant 
  • Quality wraps
  • Can add weight increments to adjust pool cue weight
  • Uses quality pool cue tips


  • Limited wrap options
  • Need to pay extra for a low deflection shaft

Notable Features of Players Pool Cue

There is something about Players Pool Cue that makes pool players want to use them. One thing is for sure, they are a bargain to buy and have a lot of positives than negatives. 


Players pool cues are usually made with North American Grade A Maple. Some of their high-quality pool cues use Birdseye Maple. The maple they use is solid and durable. They apply a process of drying which reinforces the wood and prevents warping. 

Most of their pool cues are also coated with Nelsonite. It helps protect the exterior from moisture in the environment. It ensures the pool cue won’t wear out quickly because of moisture. It’s really helpful for people who live in areas with humidity. 

Another coating is also added that makes the Players’ pool cues look new every time you look at them. The coating used is a “Super UV Finish” that is responsible for the Players’ pool cues shiny look. It also protects it from:

  • Fading
  • Chipping
  • Scratches
  • Warping

They make some of the best pool cues in terms of durability in the mid-range market. Make sure you check the Players’ pool cue specification though because some coating may not be applied to it. 


Players Pool Cue provides a wide variety of pool cues. Therefore, when it comes to playability, you have a lot of options to choose from. They also have pool cues that are made for flexible use and are versatile for any shot. 

Person aiming the pool cue at a cue ball

Most of their pool cues come in two-piece so they are easy to transport when you are traveling to different pool halls to compete. 

Players pool cues usually come with a quality Irish Linen wrap so it is comfortable to hold even for people with sweaty hands. It helps keep your grip consistent so your shots remain accurate. 

Some pool cues even have weight increments so you can adjust the weight to make you feel more comfortable holding the cue stick. Others even have stainless steel joints to give your shots an extra solid feel.  


When it comes to style, Players Pool Cue has a wide variety of pool cues with different designs. Their designs tend to lean towards looking classy and minimalistic. Their pool cues look simple and have that professional player feel to it if you see it. 

If simple and classy looks are what you want, then Players Pool Cue is suitable for you. Their simple design is just a compromise for the performance you get from their pool cues. Most experienced pool players also prefer their pool cues to look simple. 

Add the shine and glossy coating and you have a sleek-looking pool cue. Some players might even mistake it for a sneaky Pete cue. It looks standard yet has a lot going on inside its materials.  


Players Pool Cues usually hover around the low and mid-range pricing for pool cues. That’s around $30 – $500. What’s amazing about some of the Players’ pool cues is that they are sometimes resold for a higher price. 

It has something to do with the shaft which usually uses Kamui tips making them extremely valuable. Kamui tips are only usually used for expensive pool cues so it is really great to have them on an affordable one. 

What also makes them low-priced despite having such quality materials and features is because they are mostly made in Asia. Some people might not like that some of their pool cues aren’t American-made. However, a lot of people are really impressed with it and used it more often in pool halls. 

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Players Pool Cue doesn’t usually include a case for their pool cues. Maybe if you buy it from a third-party seller that offers it along with a case. Since most Players’ pool cues are two-piece, they are easy to fit inside a case. 

Having no case along with the pool cue may also be part of the compromise for the excellent build quality Players Pool Cue has. There are affordable pool cases you can also buy that you can use for your Players pool cue. 

Tip Type

This is where Players Pool Cue truly shines. They use some of the best pool cue tips out there. Most notably the Kamui tips. Players tend to use different tips for their pool cues. This means that their pool cues will hit differently. 

They use Kamui Black soft tip, Le Professional Le Pro tip, Premium Elk Master tip, and many others. Their variety of tips makes it easier for you which one to choose. 

We greatly recommend getting a Players pool cue with a Kamui tip. Kamui is so popular in the world of pool and they are used by professional pool players. 

Other brands of pool cues offer to add Kamui tips for an additional cost. Whereas Players already have them in their pool cues without any added cost. 


Players Pool Cue have an identity that they have stuck on and have worked for them ever since. They make simple pool cues that have a lot of performance and features. What’s more, they are able to make it affordable at mid-range pricing.