Viking Cues Review

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There are a lot of pool cue brands today. There are so many to choose from that it gets you confused about what would actually be great for you. One notable brand is the Viking Cues which is popular right now. 

Viking Cues Review

Viking Cues are a popular choice for reliable and all-around pool cue use. They are mostly American-made pool cues and are known for their durability. 

Their most popular pool cues are generally from their Valhalla series that are usually sold at an affordable price. Let’s take a deeper look at what Viking Cues offer.

History of Viking Cues

Viking Cues began its business in the early 1960s led by founder Gordon Hart. The first pool cues were handcrafted and grew in popularity thanks to their quality craftsmanship. Viking Cues had its main operation for almost 50 years at Madison. 

However, it suffered setbacks during the great economic crisis in 2008 and was forced to close in 2010. However, it reopened a year later. They retained their quality and affordable pool cues and are still popular today. 


  • Wide variety of options in an affordable price range
  • Has an Irish Linen wrap variation as one of their options
  • Pool cues are made with Canadian Maple
  • Pool cues are durable and precision-aligned
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Most pool cues have adjustable weight
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Pool cues are affordable and popular with the regular people


  • Their pool cues don’t come with a case
  • Viking Cues use a basic leather tip. It’s understandable since their pool cues are made affordable. You can replace the tip with a better one. 
  • Most of their pool cues have a high squirt deflection

Notable Features of Viking Cues

There are various features that make Viking Cues really popular. We’ll discuss them one by one. Viking Cues are made as affordable pool cues. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect them to be the best in every category. 

Joints and Balance System

All Viking Cues pool cues come in a standard quick-release joint. That’s pretty great considering that most cue companies charge you extra just for adding this feature. 

Viking Cues also make their pool cues with good balance. They use a weight bolt system in their pool cues. It makes it easier to find the right balance wherever you put your hand on the butt of the cue. 

Shaft Quality

The shaft is an important part of a pool cue. Hence, Viking Cues make their shaft of good quality. For the most part, their low-deflection uses a 12-inch to 14-inch taper. You even have the option to get a different shaft if you don’t like the pro taper. 

The shafts are made in America and they follow a specific way of making them. One of the notable features you get from their craftsmanship is the UV finish which protects the shaft. It also gives the Viking Cues its popular glasslike shine 

Ferrule and Cue Wraps

Viking Cues use either leather or 100% double pressed Irish linen wraps. They are applied in a durable way so they generally last for long use. Rewrapping your pool cues by yourself is a very hard task. Therefore, having a wrap that is durable is a great feature. 

Most cue manufacturers say their ferrule has excellent durability. That’s not usually the case. Most experienced pool players usually replace their ferrule for a better quality one. 

The ferrule used by Viking Cues is nothing special. It’s durable though. We would recommend sticking with it until it breaks. Replace it with a better ferrule only at that time so it would save you some money. 

Wood Quality

All Viking Cues pool cues are made with Canadian maple. Maple is generally what most cue manufacturers use. It has excellent quality at a low cost so it makes pricing the pool cues much cheaper.  

Design and Color Options

Viking Cues do not shy away from making their pool cues look different. Instead of going for the traditional classic brown color common in pool cues, they tend to make their pool cues look flashy. 

Viking Cues

Just take a look at their Viking Valhalla Series and you will see it available in different colorways. They also add intricate designs to match the color. If you like your pool cues to look unique and eye-catching, you might want to get a Viking Cues pool cue. 


Viking Cues are one of the most affordable pool cues you can have. Although they are inxpensive, the quality is really great. If you want value for your money, buying a Viking Cues pool cue is worth it. 

Viking Cues also make mid-level pool cues and they actually perform great. Although they’re better at making quality low-cost pool cues. Viking Cues are popular in local pool bars and you will see these pool cues a lot. 


Viking Cues and their Valhalla series are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranties are common in pool cues especially if they are made in America. Viking Cues, however, also applies the same warranty with their imported pool cues. 

Viking Cues lifetime warranty covers:

  • Defects in material and manufacturing
  • Warpage
  • Non-user damage to non-replaceable components of the pool cue
  • Joint changes

As long as your pool cue looks properly taken care of, Viking Cues should cover any damage to it. Viking Cues warranty doesn’t include:

  • Abuse
  • Damage incurred by a third party
  • Non-standard shafts and cues

A downside of the Viking Cues lifetime warranty is that it’s non-transferable. If you bought your Viking pool cue from a friend or from another person over the internet, they won’t cover your warranty. Therefore, it’s better to buy a pool cue directly from authorized sellers. 

Why Players Use Viking Cues

Viking Cues is what you would call a “pool cue for the masses”. Everyone can easily buy it and it’s one of the most reliable low-priced pool cues you can have. You also have a wide variety of options to choose from with different styles. 

Another great thing about Viking pool cues is they are easily customizable so you can design them to fit your playstyle or make them look unique. 

Viking Cues has such a wide array of options at a low price range that lots of people prefer to buy from them. They’re great for casual players. If you just want a pool cue that will work for you and don’t want to spend too much, Viking Cues are an excellent option. 

Although they can be used for professional play, there are far better pool cues in terms of quality except that they are more expensive. 

Reasons to Use Viking Cues

If you’re a young player or a first-timer, Viking Cues are great starting cues to learn how to play pool. They also look flashy with their unique designs so younger players will like it instead of the classy design. 

Viking Pool Cues are for everyone who wants to get a affordable yet reliable pool cue. Their best inexpensive ones, the Valhalla series offers different options and designs so everyone can get a pool cue that they want. 

We wouldn’t recommend getting their expensive cues and their break cues. It’s only the low-priced, all-around reliable pool cues that you may want to test out and buy first. 


Viking Cues are your go-to option if you want an affordable pool cue that brings a lot of value. Their Valhalla series specifically is one of the most popular pool cues used by ordinary players. 

If you want to learn pool without spending a lot for a pool cue, this one’s for you.