Snooker Table vs Pool Table

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If you plan to prepare a setup at home to play snooker or pool, you must be into the game. But make sure you have enough room. Snooker table vs pool table, do you which one to use?

Furthermore, to play snooker or pool, having the right table is a must. Hence, you need to understand the differences and similarities between the two main game tables.

Snooker Table vs Pool Table

While snooker and pool are often known to be very alike due to the similarity in concept, they have significant differences. One of the biggest differences is in the tables used for the two games. If you are wondering about the similarities and differences between the snooker and pool table, this snooker table vs pool table guide can help you.

Snooker Table

standard size snooker table usually measures twelve feet by six feet. However, if you want to play the game on a smaller table, you can opt for the ones that measure ten feet by five feet.

For beginners, the smaller tables are the best option as they make the game easier for them. Moreover, you can get a number of styles in the smaller tables, such as dining-table convertible and fold-away.

Red pool tables with lights inside a bar

The table comes with six pocket holes. While the table has one hole at each corner, the other two holes are at the center of the two longer sides.

The height of the snooker table ranges from 2 feet 9.5 inches to 2 feet 10.5 inches. The legs and frame of the snooker table are made up of wood. However, the surface bed is made from slate.  

The surface bed of the snooker table is covered with a green baize cloth made up of woven wool. However, in some cases, nylon cloths are also used.

Pool Table

Pool tables come in different sizes, such as 9 feet, 8 feet, and 7 feet. While the 9 feet and 8 feet tables are ideal for professionals, 7 feet tables are good for home play.

Being small in size, the 7 feet pool table can easily fit in your home. However, if you are looking for a tournament experience, the larger ones are to go with. 

The pool table is rectangular with a 2:1 ratio of length and breadth. Its cabinets are made up of large wooden frames, and the planks are constructed with hardwood.

However, the material and design of the pool table can vary. If you are looking for lighter options, you can go for synthetic and MDF tables. 

When it comes to style, pool tables are available in three styles. It includes modern, contemporary, and classic tables.

If you are looking for the ones that your grandfathers played on, then the classic table is the right option for you. However, if you are looking for something trendy, you must choose modern tables. 


  1. Both the snooker table and pool table have six pockets in total.
  2. Both the tables can be appropriate for home play.
A person playing on a blue pool table with lights


  1. Pocket Size – Pockets are the main elements of the table that add more fun to the game plays. The snooker table has narrower pockets.
    However, the pool table has larger pockets. As the ball size of the snooker is smaller than the pool, narrow pockets work well in holding the balls.
  2. Corner Pockets – The corner pockets of the pool table are smaller in comparison to the side pockets. However, all the pockets have the same size in the case of the snooker table.
  3. Table Height – When it comes to table height, it means how much you need to bend and how comfortably you can stand against it. While the snooker table has a low height, pool table is a bit higher.
  4. Playing Surface – The playing surface of the snooker table is usually smooth. However, the playing surface of the pool table provides more friction.
  5. Cost– The snooker tables cost more than the pool tables. It is mainly due to their larger size and heavy construction. Also, the snooker table costs somewhere between $ 7,000 to $ 10,000. On the other hand, the pool table cost ranges from $ 1,200 to $ 3,500

Major Distinguishing Factor

The size of the snooker table and pool table is the major distinguishing factor. The table size is something that lets you easily know what the table is meant for.

But, for beginners, it is hard to identify the difference. Nevertheless, a snooker table is larger than the pool table. 

When to Use Snooker Table?

A snooker table is ideal for clubs where regular tournaments take place between players. This is because it provides the players with a highly professional and excellent gaming experience. However, if you have a very large and spacious room at your home specially meant for the game, you can have a snooker table. 

If you are serious about table games, snooker can be a perfect option for you.

Two blue pool tables near the window and the door

When to Use Pool Table?

If you are planning to create a personal playroom or clubhouse at your residence, a pool table is a perfect option. It can easily fit in the recreational room of your home. In addition, as it is light in weight, it is easy to cover and move the table when necessary.

Moreover, as it comes in different styles, you can also dismantle it and store it if space is a problem in your home. 

When you want to play the game in your pastime, a pool table is an ideal option. You can even use it for multiple purposes, such as dining tables. The pool table also proves to be useful for private pubs and clubs. 

Final Verdict

Are you still confused about whether to get a snooker table or pool table? Now that you know all the differences and similarities, making a choice can be easy for you.

Simply consider all the factors in this guide and make the right choice. Though a snooker table gives a professional gaming feel, a pool table can be very handy to install at your residence due to its small size. However, depending on your purpose, interest, and passion, you can choose between a snooker board and a pool board. Happy Gaming!