How To Measure Pool Table

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You might feel that tape measuring the pool table is easy when you are aware of the standard sizes. However, it isn’t that simple as it seems. It is because the pool table measurements don’t depend upon the table; instead, they rely on the slate or playing surface.

The reason for this dependence of measurements lies with the varying rail sizes and manufacturing processes.

How To Measure Pool Table

To measure the pool table accurately, you will need measurements between the playing surface bumpers. And, you need to measure the width and not the length. It is because the length of any pool table will always be double the width.

Also, there might be little variations in measuring the table from cushion to cushion peeks. So, follow this guide to learn how to measure pool table accurately for different purposes without making mistakes.

Pool balls on a pool table

Method 1: Measuring The Pool Table For A Felt

If you already possess a pool table and are willing to buy a new felt to replace the old one, you need to measure it first accurately. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Measure The Width Of The Pool Table

  1. Use a measuring tape.
  2. Hold the tip of 0 on one end, and pull the tape to the other end.
  3. Prefer measuring from the rail cushion peek of one side to the rail cushion peek on the opposite side.
  4. The measurements should be from the upper inside part of the cushions and not from behind or under it.
  5. Make sure you are doing it for the width and not the length.
  6. Note the value of the width, and double it to get an idea of the length.
  7. Do not expect to get exact lengths like 7 ft, 8 ft, or 9 ft, as some fluctuations are normal.

Step 2: Decide The Size Of Felt

  1. Go for a felt size with an additional 5 inches than that of the playing surface measurements.
  2. The extra length will make room for wiggle.
  3. Moreover, it will allow to mask off the scratches of wear-out marks.

Step 3: Check Readymade Felt Size Measurements

Some default felt size recommendations for the pool tables with specific dimensions are as follows:

Man measuring a pool table
  1. For example, 39 inches x 78 inches requires a 7 ft felt.
  2. 44 inches x 88 inches requires an 8 ft felt.
  3. 46 inches x 92 inches requires an 8 ft over-sized felt.
  4. 50 inches x 100 inches requires a 9 ft felt.
  5. 56 inches x 112 inches requires 10 ft felt.
  6. 66 inches x 132 inches requires 12 ft felt.

Even though you have pre-measured felt-size recommendations, it is still better for you to measure the playing surface for accuracy.

Method 2: Measuring The Pool Table For A Cover

A pool table cover is all about helping you to protect your pool table from environmental troubles. Hence, it is vital to protect the felt of the pool table as well, they also require cleaning and maintenance as well. But before investing in a pool table cover, it is crucial to measure the table correctly.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Measure The Width Of The Pool Table

  1. Use a measuring tape for the purpose.
  2. Measure from one rail cushion apex to another apex.
  3. You need to measure from the upper inside part of the cushion.
  4. Note the measurement in inches.
  5. Double the width measurement to get the length of the pool table. 
  6. You can also measure the length and divide it by 2 to get the width. Again, it is because the pool table measurements are always in a ratio of 2:1.

Step 2: Decide The Size Of The Pool Table Cover

Several pre-defined dimensions are preferably used for industrial manufacturing of such pool tables. Therefore, if you get the measured dimensions as such mentioned below, then go with the referred cover sizes:

Man holding a cue stick
  1. For a table of 39 inches x 78 inches, you will need a cover of 7 ft.
  2. For a table of 44 inches x 88 inches, you will need a cover of 8 ft.
  3. For a table of 50 inches x 100 inches, you will need a cover of 9 ft.
  4. For a table of 56 inches x 112 inches, you will need a cover of 10 ft.
  5. For a table of 66 inches x 132 inches, you will need a cover of 12 ft.

Check out this video for an easy, effective, and universal method of measuring a pool table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy A Pool Table Of 7 Or 8 Feet Size?

The 8 ft pool tables are professional-sized ones that you should buy, only if you are a pro in this game. However, if you intend to learn as a beginner or play moderate-level pool games, then 7 ft can be a good choice for you. To know more about which size of pool table you should prefer, refer to this article.

When Should I Consider Re-felting My Pool Table?

If you own a bar and have a pool table there, you might need yearly re-felting. It is because it receives a lot of abuse from customers daily. But, if you have a pool table at home that you use only for a few hours every day, you can change the felt in about 3-4 years.


Whether you wish to buy a new pool table cover or install a felt, you need accurate table measurements to carry out your work efficiently. The only thing you need is a quality measuring tape, and you will be all set to invest your money in the right products that fit your pool table. Go through the guide once again before taking the measurements!