Snooker vs Pool

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Pool & Snooker are considered the best table games because of their challenging game perspective. Apart from that, they are also popular because of their tactical game strategy. Even though both of these games look similar to beginners, they are different from one another.

For example, a snooker table is larger than a pool table and is played with smaller balls. Just like that, there are many more differences that you will come across in this guide. 

Snooker vs Pool

Before going into the in-depth differences and similarities between Snooker and Pool, it is important for you to see a couple of these games. For that, you can check online videos or walk into a snooker or pool club. Once you have the visual analysis, this guide can help you understand the theoretical analysis of Snooker vs. Pool.

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Guys playing a snooker game

What Is Snooker?

  • Snooker is playable on a wooden table, rectangle in shape that comes with six pockets. Four of those pockets are at each of the table corners, while two are on the center rails. It is played with 22 balls, out of which 15 are red with no numbers. Six of the balls have numbers, and they differ in color. They are in color blue, pink, black, green, yellow and brown. The final ball is the cue ball, solid white.
  • A cue stick is a necessary apparatus for Snooker, which is common with Pool as well. The game is played with two players, and an optional referee can be part of it. The game objective is that one player has to score more points than the other. The players need to pocket all the balls in a sequence. Also, the cue stick hits the cue ball with a tactic shot to wheel the object balls into the pockets.
  • The players will be pocketing the red balls and other colored balls in an alternative manner. They need to do this in the least to most scoring order. When the player pots the ball in order, the points increase simultaneously. Fouls made by opponents are also an advantage for the player. For instance, if the opponent hits the wrong ball or pockets the solid cue ball, it is advantageous for the other player.
  • This game is usually playable in frames. One frame comes to an end when all the balls are pocketed. The players can decide upon the number of frames for Snooker before the match begins. A player who wins most of the frames is the winner.

What Is Pool?

  • Pool is also one of the most popular table games, playable with the same equipment or apparatus. The difference is in the gameplay, as the most common Pool games preferred by the players across the globe are 8-ball Pool and 9-ball Pool. Other games such as one pocket and straight Pool are also popular.
  • The number of balls essential for Pool differs depending upon the game. Different games have different specifications, based upon which the balls are required. For example, the involvement of full rack consists of 16 balls, 8 of which are colored and have numbers from 1 to 8. 7 of the other balls are stripes that have numbers from 9-15. A cue ball is mandatory to be present on the table for players to take their shots.
Cue balls on a pool table
  • The most popular game of Pool is 8-ball, which involved all of the 16 balls in the suite. The players will choose their specific ball sets, whether solid or stripes, to commence with the game. A player needs to focus on pocketing all their object balls throughout the game before taking on the 8-ball.
  • In the meanwhile, they should tactically make the game difficult for the opponent as well. For example, both the players should keep in mind not to pot the 8-ball earlier in the game. It is because, in that scenario, the opponent will become the winner of that round.
  • This was just one game and its rule, while many other Pool games have a similar playing plot but vary in some aspects. You can master them all if you have an interest in the plot of this game.

Snooker vs Pool


The only similarity between the Snooker and pool game is that the game’s primary objective is to send the balls to pocket. Apart from that, both games are similar to the apparatus but have little or subtle differences between them.


  1. Snooker demands the use of smaller balls, while Pool uses little bigger ones. (2 ΒΌ” for Pool, and 2 1/8″ for Snooker)
  2. Cues used for both the games are also different from one another. Pool demands cue of 57″ to 58″, whereas snooker cues can range from 57″ to 63″.
  3. Snooker is playable on a bigger playing surface, whereas pool playing surface is usually smaller.
  4. The pool table pockets have cushion linings around their pockets. The snooker table has flowing cushions that direct to the pockets in a curved manner.
  5. The pocket mouths are smaller on a pool table, whereas they are wider on a snooker table.
Snooker table with cue balls on top

Major Distinguishing Factors

  1. Pool tables have a higher height than snooker tables. 
  2. Pool tables are usually between 7 ft to 9 ft, whereas the snooker table ranges between 10 ft to 12 ft.

When To Play Snooker?

Snooker is a precision game and requires a little expertise. If you start away with Snooker, you might find it difficult to blend it correctly with the rules and gameplay skills. Therefore, if you wish to play Snooker, it is better to head to a club, see people playing the game, free your hands in those games and then take up your chances.

When To Play Pool?

Pool is the easier form of table game, where you just need to focus on pocketing the balls in a sequence. Moreover, Pool will train you to handle the game rules and use the cue sticks and other apparatus. 

Final Verdict

Both these games vary in their rules and regulations, for which deciding upon a better option is not evident. Let the players decide the better game for them, depending upon their observation and skills. You can choose any one of the games per your liking, learn about it and start playing to your heart’s content. Choose what you like to play and have fun with your friends while taking photos with your camera from different angles, like a wide angle shot in your game.