How To Hold A Pool Cue

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A pool game is stupendously attractive and entertaining and is meant for people of all ages. The playing mechanism is pretty much simple, provided you know how to handle it. You just got to hit the ball!

Yes, it does sound effortless, but it has a lot you need to care about. One such thing is the proper way to hold a pool cue.

How To Hold A Pool Cue

Generally, beginners make massive mistakes in the game by holding the cue incorrectly. Hitting the ball is undoubtedly the game, but with incorrect grip on the cue, hitting the right shot will be quite tricky. Pool cue is the main component of the entire game and is the driving force that decides the whole outcome of a shot or the entire game.

Person aiming at a cue ball

Therefore, a player needs to hold it correctly to implement focus, steadiness, and precision to every shot. So, with immense determination, follow this guide to know how to hold a pool cue. Learn it and turn around the outcome of the game in your favor.

Step 1: Grip The Cue At Waist Level

  1. Strongly and comfortably grip the butt of the cue shaft.
  2. Lower the pool cue to the waist level.
  3. Try & locate the taped spot over the butt side of the stick.
  4. Now, pull back your hand slowly away from the tape.
  5. Ensure that the distance between your hand on shaft and tape is 4 to 5 inches.
  6. Moreover, make sure that the hand is 90 degrees or perpendicular to the cue.
  7. Your grip should be gentle and not too tight.
  8. Keep your body in alignment with the cue ball while you are gripping the cue stick.

Step 2: Lower The Torso Along With The Direction Of Table

  1. Lower the upper body or torso towards the direction of the table
  2. Lower as much as possible without losing your grip on the butt of the stick.
  3. Maintain the grip of the other hand on the tip while you bend down.
  4. Do not use the other hand for bridging the shaft at this moment. It is because you might accidentally strike the ball because of it, which will end up nowhere.
  5. Keep your legs bent as well to take a stance for making the perfect shot.
Man teaching a woman how to hold a pool cue stick

Step 3: Go Ahead And Bridge The Shaft Of The Stick

  1. Place the palm of your other hand around 6 to 8 inches away from the cue ball on the table.
  2. Keep all the fingers of your palm, wide apart from one another, as much as possible.
  3. It is important for bridging and positioning the tip on the playing region.
  4. Put the tip in between the thumb and index finger.
  5. Move the shaft slowly to position it comfortably between those fingers.
  6. Now stroke the tip of the shaft by using the index finger and thumb.
  7. It is known as the open bridge stroking technique.
  8. It is the most popular cradling technique, but you can try the closed bridging technique as well.
  9. Remember not to shake or wobble your fingers, as it will disturb the position of the open bridge.

Step 4: Firmly Hold The Stick & Concentrate On The Shot

  1. Maintain a steady posture.
  2. Keep your mind steady to the object balls that you plan on hitting.
  3. Figure the idea of how to take a shot on the cue ball to get object balls in the pit.
  4. Map out the path of the cue ball and object balls for your desired shot.
  5. Do not grip the shaft too hard because you need to cradle it with a comfortable hand on the butt.
  6. Keep the shaft in line with the cue ball to see the object balls while taking the shot.

Step 5: Position The Cue Shaft And Strike The Ball

  1. Make slow back and forth movements on the shaft to gain confidence for taking the shot.
  2. Change your stance if you don’t feel confident about taking the shot.
  3. Maintain a firm posture while hitting the cue ball, and take the shot.

Get a visual demonstration of how you can hold your cue stick and bridge it to take the best shots in the pool game. Then, check out this YouTube video for the same!

Man playing a game of pool

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Replace A Cue Tip?

There are several custom cues available with replaceable cue tips. You need to follow the instructions, and acquire the right materials like the best glue to get it done. This article will give you an idea of how you can replace the cue tip.

What Will Happen If I Firmly Grip The Cue Stick?

If you firmly grip the cue stick, you won’t cradle the shaft to position it with the ball. As a result, the driving force will suppress, and you won’t be able to hit the object balls, as per the planning in your mind.

What Is The Best Tip For Pool Cue Sticks?

Medium tips are preferably the best for cue sticks. It is both durable as well as proficient for making spin shots.


These are the things you need to keep in mind when you plan to play a pool game. In addition, learning to hold the cue ideally is the first and the most important thing to remember for the game. And, you cannot strike the cue ball if you are not holding the cue stick in the appropriate position.

It doesn’t matter; if you get a couple of shots right with incorrect posture, however, it will not work all the time. So, go ahead and learn the proper technique to master the game of pool.